Welcome to Greenwich Studios, London's freshest hybrid film, television and photographic studio, based in the historic and beautiful Royal London Borough of Greenwich.

Designed and built by working creatives who understand that no two projects are the same, we've made our fully sound proofed 'location-studio' truly multi functional, offering unparalleled value for money as each available area can be used in several different ways according to your projects requirements.


"Delighted to have been one of the first clients at Greenwich Studios and can’t recommend it enough. Every part of the building has been thought through with meticulous detail, from the design of the studio itself, to the faultless soundproofing, to the fact that almost every wall covering in every room offers a different potential background to shoot against. The support service there is flawless, and nothing in terms of kit or any of our bizarre shooting requests was too much trouble. i’ll certainly be using the studio in the future as much as possible.”

Natalie von Hurter, Exec Producer, Knickerbockerglory TV

"Greenwich studios were a dream from beginning to end. They were friendly and super-helpful, creating a great atmosphere for cast and crew. The shooting space was fantastic where every detail had been thought of and the extra kit they had down stairs was a real bonus!”

Roman Green, Series Director, Celebs Go Dating

"I've been working with Siggi, Emily and Zigcam for over 5 years. Their sparkly new Greenwich Studios is a gorgeous, beautifully designed, modern studio space. There's nothing quite like it in London - Go!"

Siobhan Panayiotou, Senior Production Manager, ITV Studios

"A really lovely, well thought-out, cool studio in the heart of Greenwich! All of the staff are great and were a real pleasure to work with."

Ramy Dance, Director, Common People Films

“I would recommend to anyone needing a gorgeous studio! They helped provide kit which was reasonable and when we arrived everything was ready for us. Emily and the team were a dream to work with and nothing was too much trouble!”

Jessica McSwiney, Production Manager, Lime Pictures

"Greenwich Studios is a really well designed studio in a great location. It's a versatile space and has been beautifully and stylishly decorated, so has lots of filming options available."

Johanna Scammell, Junior Production Manager, Potato Productions


The Studio

Situated on the first floor, our fully sound proofed main studio is a versatile location space that can be configured to suit your production's needs. A large white U-shaped infinity cove, (with multiple green screen options available), faces a 3-in-1 ‘Location' on the back walls. Utilising a unique wall-panelling system you can quickly transform the space into a homely kitchen or hipster hangout (and everything else in between). The studio is a real swiss-army knife, giving you the opportunity to shoot in six different locations without even leaving the room.

  • L8m x W6.5m (52sqm), H3.5m
Cove Dimensions:
  • L4m x W6.5m (26sqm), H3.5m
  • Fully Soundproofed
  • Large White U-shaped infinity cove
  • Greenscreen options (POA)
  • Full Black-Out option (POA)
  • 5 x 2/4 Kino Flo Cyc lights
  • 63amp 3 phase power outlet
  • Distribution box, (12 x 16amp, 3 x 32amp outputs) included FoC
  • Lighting grid
  • Air con
  • Curtain rail
  • Reversible backdrops (3 options) distressed plasterwork/Victorian panelling/timber (currently in production - ETA March 2018)
  • Acoustic window (to offer the possibility of natural light)
  • Floating Kitchen island (POA)
  • Extraction and fresh air supply
  • Widened door and stairwell for access
Jungle Room

The Jungle Room

Clients and crew love being in this space as it's more than just your average Green Room. With an affectionate nod to The King of Rock n Roll it has been lovingly designed with a variety of mid-century collectibles. The Jungle Room not only offers a beautiful space to work or unwind, but is also sound proofed and each of the four walls provides a unique backdrop.

  • L5.5m x W3m (16.5sqm)
  • Kitchenette
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Kettle
  • Toaster
  • Filtered drinking water
  • Tea/Coffee (FOC)
  • Dining area
  • Lounge area
  • Fast Broadband (FOC)
  • Audio/Video feed from main studio
  • Acoustic windows/doors/panelling
  • 4 different shoot backdrops (kitsch kitchen/bamboo/leopard print/Polynesia)
  • Working radiogram (playing Elvis)
  • Palm tree
Look Room

The Look Room

'The Look Room' is all about the image, whether in the hands of a make up artist or a vision mixer. Another multifunctional space, we have designed a room that can cleverly transform from a colourful camp make-up boudoir into a studio gallery or edit suite complete with full audio/video patch bay.

  • L2m x W3m (6.5sqm)
  • Basin unit with hot and cold running water
  • Hollywood mirror
  • Clothing rail/shoe stand
  • Ironing board/iron (POA)
  • Clothes steamer (POA)
  • Hairdryer (POA)
  • Acoustic windows/panels/door
  • Audio/Visual patch panel (5 x BNC, 5 x Cat 5 and 5 x XLR)
  • Velvet wall
Note to the make up team:

Don't worry if you get bumped out, we will find you an alternative hot spot for you to work your magic!

Cook Room

The Cook Room

This neon pink food hub offers a prep space for food shoots in the main studio, but is typically versatile and can be used as a spill-out green room or an Industrial shoot location equipped with a basic lighting grid.

  • L3m x W3m (9sqm)
  • Industrial concrete walls and worktops
  • Professional grade cooker (7 gas hobs and 4 ovens)
  • Dishwasher
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Seating area
  • Cooking Utensils (POA)
  • 13amp lighting grid (capable of hanging 7 x small-medium lights)
  • Artwork by Emily’s gran
Wash Room

The Wash Rooms

We have even had a bit of fun with the bathrooms at Greenwich Studios and can boast a spacious distressed copper shower room, with luxury fixtures, coupled with a separate neon panelled WC. Both of these spaces could make for a Pinterest-worthy fashion photo shoot, cleverly doubling up as…bathrooms.

  • Shower
  • Large head copper power shower
  • Heated copper towel rail
  • Wall hung pedestal toilet
  • Large basin with copper pipework
  • Copper leaf distressed wall tiling
  • Vintage Indian shuttered window mirror
  • 80’s-esque hanging spider plants
  • WC
  • Wall hung pedestal toilet
  • Cloakroom basin
  • Distressed plasterwork walls
  • Up-cycled neon scaffolding planks

The Recce

Here you can take a 3D virtual tour of the entire location space and recce our studio without even leaving your production office. Be sure to click on the red dots to find out more detail about specific areas during your tour, there's a lot to discover.

Click here for the tour!

If you'd prefer to visit us in person just drop us a line and we'll make sure to put the kettle on.


The Kit Room

We share the building with our sister company, Zigcam Film & Television, so can provide an extensive range of camera, lighting and grip equipment as well as experienced in-house and freelance crew. Electricity is free of charge when you hire our lights! simply let us know your requirements and we’ll be happy to put a quote together for you.


Environmental Ethos

Greenwich Studios is working with BAFTA (in line with Albert certification) to become one of the first environmentally friendly film studios in the UK. Thanks to Good Energy we are supplied with 100% renewable power and try to help the seas by providing filtered tap water - so you can save pennies and cut back on those pesky water bottles!

Fun Fact: Not one item of waste from Greenwich Studios goes to landfill – we recycle it all and that which is not recycled is burnt for biofuel.

If your production is seeking to be Albert certified, or you’d like to know more about our sustainability work please contact Aisling at aisling@zigcam.tv to find out more.